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Keep Yourself Entertained With New Comic Releases In 2016

Comics are features that are used in expressing a particular idea using images fused with text or another form of imagery information. These literature materials are characterized with speech balloons that focus on speech, captions that show dialogue or narration while they are amicably arranged to bring out a definite story line. With such a description, do you understand why many youngsters enjoy these collections? They are naturally funny and entertaining. Additionally, there are those that are educational and use simple language making them easily comprehensive for young minds.

There are also various other forms of comics ranging from comic strips, gag cartoons, editorials as well as comic books and even graphic novels. With the introduction of advanced technology in the 21st century, there are even webcomics that are available online. Throughout the years, there have been various comics that have been published. As we begin yet another year, we should be on the lookout for more comics such as those mentioned.
There are also certain comics that are suitable for adults as their content is advanced. They could be horror-based or even romance-based making it unsuitable for young minds. These comics work for adults only.

The Dark and Bloody is amongst the comics meant for mature readers since it is a horror comic series that involves guns, moonshine and monsters. Iris Gentry has returned home, Kentucky, from the war where he was a war veteran. He came from a dry county and at the time, it was a challenge to feed his family. He then decided to get involved in certain crimes that were at home and abroad by running moonshine. Together his ex-ranking officer, they engaged in unfathomable activities that had deadly consequences, which had now come to catch up with them. This comic is a horror series for 2016 written by Shawn Aldridge and Scott Godlewski. Watch out for it from February.

Heartless is an adventure and action comic that is based on early Victorian London containing vampires, struggling against oppression as well as gorgeous dresses. There is also a lot of self-discovery involved. Additionally, there is an explicit sexual character. The main cast is LGBTQIA+. This comic is also available as a webcomic every month.

Patience is a 2016 graphic novel written by Daniel Clowes. It is a unique book derived from the writer’s Ghost World in more than five years. It is a psychedelic science-fiction love story turning with eerie precision from brutal destruction to deep personal compassion in a typical yet exceptional work. This book is breathtaking and enthusiastic keeping you in high suspense.

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